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I never watch horror films but I enjoyed "Show The Monster: Guillermo del Toro’s quest to get amazing creatures onscreen." by Daniel Zalewski in the Web pages of the February 7, 2011 New Yorker.

I sometimes enjoy good writing, a good human interest profile like this one, even when the subject is a guy who makes movies that I'll never see.

Another aspect to my enjoyment comes from the fact that one of my favourite books of all time,"The Hobbit" , was going to be made into a movie by del Toro. It was fun to read about what he was thinking of making, even if it was a gross perversion of Tolkien's book.

After having read del Toro's profile I was tempted to go in for some bit of relief (say "whew" or even yell "hurrah!") since his participation in "The Hobbit" had ended prematurely. But had it really? I checked. If I'm to believe IMDB some of the grossest things del Toro had in store were cancelled, but it looks as if they're going to retain the large number of modifications to the story.

Looks like I won't be going to see "The Hobbit" after all.

I could have understood putting an "introduction" at the beginning of the film, or some kind of flash forward with the older Bilbo placing the writing of his adventure in context. After all, the whole book is supposed to have been written by him. Then, there is the small matter of hooking all the people who liked the three Lord of The Rings movies and who have never read "The Hobbit". But as things stand they'll be filling that film with tons of stuff, purely invented scenes that were never in the original book. Just looking at the cast list makes me cringe. Galadriel, Leoglas, Saruman, Radagast were never in "The Hobbit" and they have no business being in the film. They were brought over from The Lord of the Rings just to make sure that fans of that trilogy will be hooked. They even invented a new character, Itaril to pad things even more. Gaaaaaahhhh!
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